Are Roof Shingles Recyclable?

Recyclable Roof Shingles

Roof repairs, replacements, and restorations amount to approximately 11 million tons of asphalt roofing shingle waste a year. With that said, as people become more and more environmentally conscious, one big question comes to the consumer’s mind when faced with a roof dilemma. Are roof shingles recyclable? Believe it or not, depending on the material, most shingles are. In the U.S., asphalt shingles account for nearly two million tons of recycled material a year. Asphalt shingles are the most common material used on roofs in both residential and commercial buildings.

Are Roof Shingles Recyclable?
The Benefits of Recycling Shingles

When it comes to recycling roof shingles, there are many benefits. For starters, recycling shingles promote a healthier environment. Did you know that roof shingles taken to the landfill take 400 years to break down? Now, imagine all of the roof shingles in our country dumped into a landfill and literally just being piled more and more. This is incredibly harmful to the environment. Landfills allow excessive waste to accumulate causing water and soil contamination, greenhouse gases, and more. When you choose to recycle shingles you are decreasing the amount of waste in landfills and preserving landfill space.

Also, when shingles are recycled new materials and resources, like oil, are conserved. Asphalt is a product of refined oil. Therefore, recycling asphalt shingles allows for asphalt to be reused instead of new oil. This practice helps to reduce our dependency on oil and is a benefit to the economy.

Furthermore, you, the taxpayer, can save money when the government uses recycled asphalt shingles in road pavement. In fact, asphalt shingles can be reused over and over again for different projects. Below you will find a list of all the different ways recycled asphalt shingles can be used for other purposes.

4 Ways Recycled Shingles are Being Reused

Road Work – Asphalt shingles can be reused in pavement mixture to help create public roads, highways, and driveways. The asphalt shingles are grounded and added to pavement mix. Therefore, they are also used in many road maintenance repairs, like filling pot holes.

Warm Mix Asphalt– this is a product that uses recycled asphalt to lower lay down temperatures when paving. Warm Mix Asphalt, a green product, conserves energy, lowers energy costs, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Garden– As the consumer, any shingles torn from your roof that are still in decent condition, can be used in your garden and yard. As a weed blocker, shingles can be placed around plants to keep the weeds out. Also, recycled shingles can be placed as a pathway in your garden saving time and money. Instead of going out to the store and buying gravel, cement, or stone, you can create your own pathway.

Driveway Protection– That’s right! Place asphalt shingles in your driveway to absorb oil stains and to protect from other oil spills.

So, are roof shingles recyclable? They most certainly are! As your roofing contractor, here at Midwestern Construction, we will not only provide you with unbeatable service, but a choice that ensures the health of our environment and the growth of your pocket in the long run.

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