Are Roof Warranties Worth It?

Roof Warranties’ Importance

Why Roof Warranties are Important
A roof is one of the most important part of your home. Besides its aesthetic qualities, it provides a protective envelope to your home. While building their houses, homeowners always ask this question: Are roof warranties worth it? Roof warranties are important because they allow the manufacturers to take part in the installation process. While you might have a roofing contractor, the manufacturer will also send a specialist to ensure that you adhere to the installation guidelines. Remember that poor roof installations can compromise the warranty.Are Roof Warranties Worth It?

Are Roof Warranties Worth It?
When buying the roofing materials, ensure that you find a reputable manufacturer. Such manufacturers provide professional services to their customers by providing the warranties for the items they supply. A roofing warranty will offer you the following benefits:


  • Reviewing the Roofing Design
    The manufacturer reviews the roofing design to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements. If these experts identify any flaws in the design, they insist on revisions to avoid the problems that arise in the future. Such revisions in the roofing design will also save your money since you will make the changes on paper. By making the changes before you begin the roofing project, you will avoid the wastage of the building materials such as wooden trusses, shingles, and tiles. These items can increase the cost of your project. As such, a roofing warranty can help you to cut the cost by avoiding such wastage.
  • Professional Installation Methods
    While you might have a proper roofing design, mistakes can happen during the installation. One of the most sensitive mistakes in a roofing project is poor artisanry. If the builders do not install the ridges, valleys, and eaves in the right way, they might leave some gaps in your roof. Such gaps might allow the rainwater to seep into the house. Chimney flashings can also allow the water to drip into the ceiling. Waterproofing is essential while erecting a roof. Besides waterproofing, it is critical to ensure that the roof drains in the right way to avoid creating puddles of stagnant water. Whatever roofing material you choose, ensure that you have a roof warranty to help you circumvent the pitfalls that affect many homeowners while building their homes. Manufacturers can also undertake the routine inspections to address the problems before they arise.
  • Avoid the Poor Roofing Methods
    Poor roofing methods do not benefit anybody. The manufacturer can make a loss if compelled to replace the roof prematurely. Likewise, the homeowner will incur a huge loss if the contractor makes mistakes during the installation process. Besides ensuring that you install the roof in the right way, the manufacturer provides the guidelines on the routine maintenance. Roof maintenance is vital if you are looking to keep it its perfect shape for decades. Roof leakages can destroy the ceiling, floor, and encourage the molds to grow in your home. While a contractor might take some shortcuts to reduce the cost and maximize the profits, the manufacturer will oversee the project to ensure that you do not cut any corners.

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