Are Roofers Required to be Licensed in Texas?

Roofers in Texas are Required to Have Licence?

Just as people say, everything is bigger in Texas. The houses are big, and it’s not simple to roof them. Roof pitches tend to be steep and dramatic architectural specifics are familiar. Then there is the diverse weather: rain like Florida, heat like Phoenix, high wind, hail, and even occasional tornadoes. So, how do you select your roofing contractor? Are roofers required to be licensed in Texas?
Are Roofers Required to be Licensed in Texas?

Contractor Licenses in Texas

The Texas state doesn’t require roofing contractors to be licensed. Maybe this will come as a surprise, but it’s true that only 21 states in the U.S require the roofers to have licenses. Texas happens to be one of those states that don’t impose licensure unless one has a listed specialty trade, like electrical or HVAC. This means that getting registration and license is voluntary for roofing pros in Texas.

However, the regulations in the state vary from one city to the other. For instance, in cities like Austin and San Antonio, roofing contractors need to be licensed within the city. If a contractor lacks the authorization, they cannot get the permit to work. So, before you choose a contractor, be sure to find out some of the unique regulations that differ from town to town.

Benefits of a License

So if a contractor doesn’t need to be licensed, should they bother to have a permit? A license offers more value to the roofing pro and the client. You will be assured that the contractor has the necessary skills and knowledge in the trade. After all, an expert has to pass an exam to get their license.

When you hire a licensed contractor, all your fears will be eliminated since you are assured of not being scammed. It will be easy for you to differentiate the best contractor from the rest. Trust will also be reinforced since you know that you are working with a professional who understands the safety regulations and proper qualifications to handle any roofing task, no matter how complicated it is.

Other Requirements
Roofers Licensed in Texas

Texas requires that all roofing pros have general liability insurance. A contractor will be protected in case an accident occurs. A homeowner will be protected as well. So whenever you are looking for extra protection, it’s better to check if your contractor insured. This way you know that even if damage occurs, especially when the job isn’t done perfectly, you will be covered.

Other cities also require the contractor to have a license bond. The contractor will have financial backing if they go against the signed contract on your roofing project. Be sure to confirm if there are bonding requirements for experts in your area.

So, are roofers required to be licensed in Texas? It may be unclear in many cities, but the good news is, you can still get licensed roofing pros for your project. When you work with us, Midwestern Construction, you are assured of getting the best since our staff is licensed. Contact us to get excellent services today.

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