Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims for Your Roof Repair and Installation 


Once you start thinking of getting your dream home, you should keep in mind the kind of contractors you need. The contractors you opt for should be willing to guide you through the insurance process. That is why you should let Midwestern Construction be your service provider.


Who We Are

Midwestern Construction are home restoration contractors who offer services for storm damage or general contracting. Since dealing with insurance companies is quite hectic, we provide you with a service writer who helps you understand your claim process, coordinates meetings with the insurance adjusters, represents you as a contractor and ensures that all damaged items are included in the damage report.


Our up to date technology employs satellite imagery to measure your home and in the event of making claims to your insurance company, we will provide photos, documents and reports so that the scope of damage can be determined and the right settlement established.


How we work

For you to weigh your options, we have to let you know how we operate. Midwestern Construction has developed a claims process, which takes into consideration the following steps:


Damage identification

Storm damage is hardly detectable and that is why we offer free inspection and assessment by our professionals. This will help to ensure repairs are completed and full compensation is settled by the insurance company.


Starting the insurance claim process

Immediately you call your insurance company to report on damages, the insurance carrier will enquire on the date and type of damage. This will follow with you being issued with a claim number that will be used throughout the claim’s process.


A meeting with the Insurance adjuster

Your insurance company adjuster will call you to schedule a meeting. Inform your adjuster to contact your assigned service writer who represents you as both your advocate and general contractor. Issues on mechanics of the repair, local building codes, and materials will be our job; you need not worry.


Getting funding

After, say a week from the adjusters’ visit, you will receive a check from your insurance company, which represents the actual cost to repair or replace the damaged property. This does not include your deductible and depreciation. When the project is done, we will bill your insurance company, which will issue you with a second check that covers the depreciation.

It is quite common for a claim to be denied, however our extensive experience on dealing with insurance companies, we are able to get you an acceptable settlement on your behalf.


Choosing building materials

Once the mortgage company endorses and returns the first check, your service writer will pay you a visit to do product selection. We at Midwestern, use only high quality products that ensure durability.


Heads up for our clients

At this stage the project is starting and we need to give you some tips for this working period.

  • Noise is inevitable. There will be noise, so please bear with us
  • Wall hangings, frames and items from shelves should be removed
  • Provide your contractors with an electrical connection
  • Move/protect items that may be damaged such as cars and bicycles
  • Keep children and pets away from the construction site.


Completing the project

At this step, your service writer will orient you through the project to get your feedback. After you settle the final payments, you will be issued with warranties and lien waivers.

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