Commercial Roofing Repair in Plano, TX

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing


Commercial Roofing Repair in Plano, TXA roof can be said to be the upper covering of a building or house. Many people may not be aware of the difference between residential and commercial roofing work; after all a roof is a roof. However, there are differences that should be noted. The differences have implications that will determine whether you’ll use residential or commercial roofing repair in Plano, TX depending on whether you are seeking a contractor for your home or a commercial building.

Flat Roofs

Commercial buildings often have low slope roofs. One reason why commercial roofs are low sloped is because they are easier to install on these buildings which have a considerably larger surface area than any residential roof. It is also possible to utilize the space on a flat roof, for installation of solar panels or for creating a space for gardening or lounging.

Unfortunately, roofs that are flat require regular maintenance. They don’t drain very well and can develop puddles which can be problematic. They also need to be installed by professionals with a high level of knowhow and experience. A flat roof is very unforgiving to any installation mistakes made by a contractor who is not very conversant with this type of structure.

Roofing Material

Commercial buildings cover a larger area and therefore the cost of putting up a roof can be high depending on the choice of material. When choosing materials for commercial buildings the contractor has to pick something that is fairly durable but can cover a large area without incurring high costs.

Some of the common materials used for these buildings include, modified bitumen, high tech polymers, and single-ply membrane roofing. A roofing company that only deals with residential buildings may not have the expertise needed to install and repair these materials. This is why it is important to choose a company that is experienced in commercial roofing repair in Plano, TX.

Size of the Project

A commercial building project is often much larger in size compared to a residential project. The amount of materials needed to put up a building is several times larger than what you’d use on a typical home. A roofing company will also need more laborers to finish the project. Additional installation of piping and air flow systems may require more technicians to work on the project.

Commercial Roofing Repair in Plano, TXA company that does not have a lot of experience dealing with a commercial roofing project may take a lot of time to complete the repairs or installations. They may take a long time working on the roof and this can be disruptive to the day-to-day activities that take place in the building.

Repairs and Hazards

Falling from a residential building can be dangerous, but commercial buildings have a much greater risk due to their height. Even though they often have a low slope, the danger of falling and tripping is still there. Contractors working on commercial buildings need to be much more cautious to avoid injuring themselves or compromising the structure.

It is therefore important to choose a contractor that is experienced in commercial roofing repair in Plano, TX in order to ensure that the installation and repairs are done expertly.

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