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Metal Roofing Systems and its Countless Benefits

Metal roofing is the most common type of roofing. This fact points to a growing awareness about its countless benefits. There have emerged over the past few years, dramatic developments in metal roofing. It is possible to have some metal roofing materials applied over an existing roof without having to an additional structure or tearing off the roof, and this is a big plus for these kinds of roofs. If you are extending your house or building it, you can reduce the material needed for roof support.


In essence, metal roofing is designed of steel and aluminum. There may be other materials used to make these types of roofs including copper and alloys. With metal roofs, contractors and premises owners prefer them because they have a longer lifespan and are light weight. They will not put a lot of weight on the roof support structure. They are also easy to install while at the same time being fire resistant. Additionally, metal roofs reflect heat from the sun, thereby helping save on energy bills. Another aspect is that the roofs can excellently shed off rain and snow.


Why property owners are embracing metal roofing


Lifespan: A metal roof lasts for many years. If well taken care of, it can last for over 30 years protecting you from high winds, sky water, and snow.


Fire resistant: Some materials used to make metal roofs are regarded as noncombustible and they fall in the class A rating. The materials are also resistant to insect damage, rot, and mildew.


Light weight: When you compared roof tiles with metal roofs, you find that the latter have less weight.


Fast and easy installation: Most the metal roofing materials designed in multiple-shingle sections. They may come in panels of 12 to 36 inches in width. And, their light weight means they are easy to work on.


Minimal roof pitch: You can have gently pitched roofs, which in turn does away with the problem of leakage.


Heat transmission: You can maintain high R- values by applying the panels over dense foam insulation and dark areas can warm pretty quickly under the sun, something that helps in melting snow.


Choose your style

If you are planning to install a metal roof, the thing to is decide the look. With residential metal roofing, the most common looks are shingles and the sheet like panels and all come in different appearances in terms of color and patterns.


Metal panel roofing

The “standing-seam roofing,” is the common type which tends to have raised ribs occurring in every 6 or 12 inches. The ribs are applied vertically on a roof. With standing seam roofing, you cannot disguise it. This kind of metal panel roofing presents a commercial look that many architects adore for its contemporary appearance. Despite the commercial appearance, the roof is commonly used on homes.


Metal shingle-style roofing

This is quite different from sheet roofing. The shapes of metal shingles look like slate, wood shakes, or Spanish tile. The metal shingles finishes consisting of granulated-stone topcoats, which offer a desired roof effect.


Choose your color

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. Think of any color on the rainbow and beyond. It is important to understand that some painted metal roof finishes may scratch, fade, chip, or chalk. However, nearly all metal roofs can last up to 30 years.


Life Saver

While you may need to walk on a roof that’s not leaking, sometimes you will need to inspect it. However, you should be careful because metal roofs tend to be slippery when wet. It’s better to consult a roofer to inspect the roof.

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