Popular Modern Bitumen Roof System in Plano, TX

Midwestern Construction Undisputed Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

The popularity of modified bitumen roofs is indisputable. Midwestern Construction takes the idiomatic expression ‘roof over my head’ seriously. Modern building methods and the Plano, TX weather demand a roofing system that is trustworthy. With fire resistant qualities, modified bitumen is a unique blend of a modifier combined with high quality asphalt.


Outstanding Qualities

  • Durability of our modified bitumen is proven. The projected lifespan is more than 40 years for the 2-ply roofing.
  • Multiply roofing ensures strength meaning non-susceptibility to mechanical damage. By installing two or three layers of bitumen membrane, it ensures that your roof is 100% weatherproof. The thickness of the material further increases the strength of the roof.
  • Elastomeric bitumen is able to withstand temperatures in the range of 35 °C to 100 °C something that makes it a more desirable roof than other roofing technologies.
  • You can use modified bitumen because it is a much better choice than a heavy gravel cover
  • We have experienced roofers to ensure you have a reliable roof structure installed in your premises.
  • Our modified bitumen roof is competitively priced


Varieties: SBS and APP

There are two varieties of modified bitumen. SBS is touted for its ability to withstand temperature changes and stress due to wind or the normal contraction and expansion. By mixing SBS with a premium asphalt flux, it allows a coating that has great elasticity features.

On the other hand, APP produces a tougher and more enduring coat by mixing it with asphalt.

And while SBS will give you much better recovery qualities, when it comes to APP, it offers you more strength meaning it can be torch applied or heat welded.


Methods of Application

There are two methods of modified bitumen application

  1. Hot asphalt/ heat welding (torching or hot air)
  2. Cold adhesive


Some owners may opt for cold-applied modified bitumen systems where the odor produced by hot asphalt or hot kettles presents a health risk. Using asphalt kettle for hot-applied systems may present safety concerns for children. The odor released by hot asphalt may be irritating to some people. However, roofers can do away with this problem by staging the kettle in a restricted area where there are no children and then using low-fuming asphalt, a filter, or an after-burner. With the low-fuming asphalt, it helps reduce the level of odor released by the material at time of application. All the same, the finished membrane will have the same basic waterproofing qualities. What you may want to understand is that cold adhesive tends to take longer to set it up. It may take up to 30 days, but again it depends on the weather conditions and the way of installing it.


Metal-surfaced modified bitumen cap sheets

These are made of aluminum or copper and have woven fiberglass to ensure the membrane has superior tensile properties as well as resistance to puncture and tear. This also allows for dimensional stability. A blend of SBS and premium asphalt is used to coat it. The good thing with this special cap sheet is that it can be used as a flashing material to provide the right viewership. The SBS asphalt blend also offers a membrane bearing excellent weathering qualities. On top of that, the metal surface embossed on it gives more solar energy reflectance. This way, there is reduced heat on the building and the roof membrane. The metal surface also helps to reduce costs associated with air conditioning, especially on one storey and two storey constructions.

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