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Your roof is an invaluable asset. It protects you, your family, your pets, and everything else under it. So why not take good care of it through maintenance? Repairing or replacing your roof can be unnecessarily expensive and time consuming. Keeping a close eye on your roof will help you identify symptoms at their earliest rearing. For instance, if you see stains in the attic or interior ceiling, there is a great possibility that water is seeping into your home. It is in your best interest to ask experts to check on your roof every spring and fall. At Midwestern Construction, we believe that prevention is far much better than cure. Remember that leaks get worse, not better.


Symptoms of an Ailing Roof

  • Loose debris
  • Stains in the attic and interior ceiling
  • Lifted, missing, or loose shingles
  • Moss and moulds build up
  • Wear – missing granules, cracks, peeling, and curling
  • Loosened or missing nails, metal roof bolts, and flashing
  • Black streaks or other discoloration on roof’s shingles
  • Loose and missing gutter parts or sections
  • Fascia and soffit rotting
  • Cracked bricks, missing bricks, or damaged mortar in the chimney


Benefits of Roof Maintenance

  • It saves you money by helping you to prevent costly repairs in future.
  • It saves you time. Time spent on routine maintenance is considerably less compared to the amount of time one might spend on overseeing repairs.
  • Roof maintenance involves climbing ladders; this can be very risk and exposes one to the danger of home accidents. For instance: falling from a ladder.
  • A well-maintained roof prevents damage to property. Imagine the damage leaks and cracks can bring to your property.
  • The state of your roof impacts directly on the health of your family. Dampness brought about by leakages and moldy surfaces can expose your family to harmful substances.


How We Fix an Ailing Roof

We remove debris including leaves, tree branches, any other solid matter that may have accumulated on your roof, especially during winter. We replace and repair flashing and shingles and tighten or replace any other roof hardware. If there are curling, peeling, and partly lifted shingles occurring in different parts of the roof, it means that more work is needed to be performed. When removing moss and mold, we use equipments such as a roof moss remover and moss cleaner.


Our roof maintenance experts have the right equipment to all these tasks. They will scoop out the debris from downspouts and gutters. The experts will gently scrub away dirt and grime occurring in the roofing surfaces using a soft bristled cleaning brush to prevent damage. If there are leaks associated with rotting fascia and soffit, or cracks and missing parts of the gutter, replacements and repairs will be done. For paint peeling and missing caulk, a re-caulking and re-painting are done. Our experts can install gutter screens and covers to reduce cleaning time. With damaged chimneys, we do repairs and seal the structure using water repellant substances designed for masonry work or chimneys. The skylights and vent outlets are also inspected, cleaned, and repaired.


Why Choose Us for your Roof Maintenance Needs

At Midwestern Construction, we provide professional and reasonable rates for our roof maintenance services. Our team of experienced personnel is positioned to handle all your roof maintenance needs by carefully inspecting your roof for symptoms of ailing and by administering the right fixture.

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