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TPO Roofing Products that is Advantageous in Many ways

TPO Roofing is a widely-accepted roofing product. Introduced enthusiastically in the early 1990s, TPO which stands for thermoplastic olefin is a single ply reflective roofing system. It is made of materials such as polypropylene combined with ethylene-propylene rubber through a polymerizing process. Installation of TPO roof membranes may be done through ballasting, mechanically attaching them, or using fully adhered technique. These allow the white membrane to be exposed all through the lifespan of the roof. Most TPO membranes don’t have surfacing. A triple-layering process is used one layer consists of a TPO polymer base, another layer of a polyester reinforced center and the third layer of a thermoplastic polyolefin compound, which forms the top ply. With TPO roofing, it brings in the best features of EPDM and PVC roofing. Having TPO roofing ensures excellent resistance to ozone, chemical exposure, and UV light. It is also heat-weldable.


About TPO Roofing

With TPO roofing membranes, they are designed to perform better in areas that have more cooling degree days than locations with more heating degree days. These membranes are capable of reflecting UV radiation ensuring that the roof surface and the building remain cool, especially in the hot summer months. Keeping the buildings cools offers the double effect of reduced cooling costs and decreased carbon emissions.


In their production, TPO membranes are processed through calendaring, extrusion, or extrusion-coating techniques. The sheets have substances that improve their physical properties and performance including flame retardants, coolants, UV absorbers and other some other proprietary substances.


Why opt for TPO Roofing?

  • It’s Economical. Using TPO reduces air conditioning costs by keeping the interior space cool and thermally comfortable. The energy efficient feature makes this roofing material a preferred choice to many premises owners and roofers.
  • Adaptability. TPO is specially made to fit on different home styles. The material comes in different colors of grey, white, and light black. The colors are cool and aid in UV resistance.
  • Durability and Versatility. TPO reduces growth of molds on the roof. It also eliminates accumulation of dirt, puncture, and tearing of the roof. The material is highly flexible meaning that it can withstand the expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperatures. You can use the material in both high and low slope surfaces. It may also be heated and reshaped hence allowing the roofer to complete the roof details they want.
  • Easy Installation. Because of the wide sheets and their lightweight, they make it easy for the roofers to install the roof.
    A Sustainable choice. TPO offers many environmental benefits and this is one of the reasons why this material entices businesses, homeowners, and property owners. It reduces the so called urban heat island (UHI) effect.  On top of that, TPO membranes do not contain hazardous or toxic ingredients and they can be recycled.


At Midwestern Construction, we also offer you a complete line of roof products including roofing accessories, adhesives, and sealants to ensure you have a waterproof installation.


Once the project is complete, we will provide you with a certificate. We will provide you with a warranty covering our workmanship. Ideally, the warranty will cover installation and related issues. We will also point out what items are covered and reasons for nullification.

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