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DemolitionIf you are clearing a piece of real estate, look nowhere else for efficient and unmatched level of service but to Midwestern Construction, your local tear down experts. Our over 50 years of experience in construction and building disassembly and obsession with professionalism and quality makes us your best bet to do the job.

Three types of demolition


There are three generally accepted ways of wiping buildings off the face of the earth. The most dramatic, as romanticized in many You Tube videos, is implosion. Large high rises, tall chimneys and smokestacks located in dense urban settings, bridges and even smaller structures can be destroyed by controlled implosion using industrial grade explosives. Preparing for this method takes a period of time as all items of value and those that can harm workers and on-lookers during the blast such as glass as well as non-load bearing beams and walls are removed before explosives are planted in strategic points in the building. But implosion can be hard to control and dangerous so that it is used only as a last resort when other means are impractical or more costly.


Deconstruction is the green alternative to dismantling relatively smaller buildings. The goal is to minimize the amount of waste matters going to dumps or landfills by carefully segregating the same type materials for reuse in the construction of the new building. Demolished concrete can be recycled as piling mat or aggregate in mixing concrete after being reprocessed in on-site crusher. Specialist timber shredder can be used to turn old timber into compost or material for the manufacture of a variety of timber boards such as fiberboard or other processed wood products.


How we do it


Good old demolition is simply tearing down a building or structures either manually or with the use of hydraulic equipment such as cranes, excavators and bulldozers. A wrecking ball maybe used to destroy larger buildings and is most effective in pulverizing masonry. All the waste materials that come out of the demolition go straight to landfills aboard loaders. No recycling is attempted in the process of demolishing standing structures.

Before the start of any actual destruction activities the following steps have to be taken:


  1. Necessary permits have to be applied for and obtained
  2. Asbestos abatement and removal of any hazardous materials
  3. Serving required notification
  4. Disconnecting utilities and rodent baiting
  5. Site-specific safety and work plans have to be prepared


At Midwestern Construction, we have mastered these steps and processes. All you need to do is call us and specify the option you want to take. Our experience has taught us ways to make building demolition as environmentally friendly as possible. Our advanced equipment and thorough attention to detail will ensure that neighbors and passersby are well protected from air and sound pollution as well as flying debris and harmful materials while work is in progress. We also ensure strict adherence to work timelines to incur the least disturbance to those affected by the demolition. Visit our website. Call us and feel the warmth of our friendship and depth of our technical know-how in the area of building tear down.

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