Do Roofing Warranties Transfer with Home Ownership

Two Types of Roof Warranties

Roofer ContractorBuying and selling homes can be hectic. While the idea is simple, there are many smaller facets that need to be addressed in order to buy or sell a home in a lawful manner. A few examples include hiring a realtor and collecting very specific information about the house such as dates of improvements and mortgage balance ( One facet that is often overlooked is the roof of the house. This is interesting because a roof can cost an arm and a leg to fix, so roof details become important. A few of the factors that are important include the material of the roof, the age of the roof, the type of warranty on the roof, and the amount of maintenance that the roof requires in order to achieve the manufacturer’s specifications ( The material and age of the roof is typically documented and can be looked up. However, this article will address the more complicated question: Do roofing warranties transfer with home ownership?

There are two types of roof warranties.

  1. A contractor warranty is established by the roof’s contractor. Since contractors exist until the job is complete, consideration should be given when dealing with these types of warranties. If the contractor leaves the country, quits contracting, or the business dissolves, there is a chance that the roof warranty could do the same (–8226).


  1. A manufacturer warranty is established by the manufacturer of the roof. These warranties are more reliable. As long as the manufacturing company is in business, the warranty should not dissolve (–8226).

Read the fine print that lists the exceptions to warranty transfers.

Some warranties are only transferable under certain circumstances. Some manufacturers only allow a one time warranty transfer. Other manufacturer warranty transfers only apply to certain materials and locations (–8226).

Warranty transfers require fees and inspection.

Along with actually having an established warranty and meeting the conditions of the fine print, a fee will most likely be required as well as inspection by the manufacturer. The transfer and inspection fees are meant to cover the cost of having certified personnel transfer the warranty and inspect the roof (

So, do roofing warranties transfer with home ownership? The answer is clearly that it depends. Many considerations need to be taken into account when dealing with roof warranty transfer. If reading the fine print of the roof warranty does not sound like a reasonable objective, then calling the manufacturer or contractor will help address many, if not all of the facets discussed in this article.

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