Exterior Construction: Stonework, Fencing, Decks & Pergolas

Exterior ConstructionMidwestern Construction is your one-stop-shop for all of your residential and commercial construction needs. Be it for painting, landscaping, flooring, and roofing you can count on our high-quality products and services. We also offer exterior construction services to build your decks, patios, stonework’s, fences, and pergolas if you are planning to extend the beauty of your home to your backyard and front yard.


There is nothing more beautiful than to have a breakfast with your family in your patio, or take a time off and just hang around your pergola, reading your favorite book. Midwestern Construction has been designing and creating different types of outdoor areas as well as fences to accentuate your overall house. We use only the best quality materials to build any construction projects our clients asked us. And we are composed of highly-trained and certified builders so you can guarantee that there is no room for any mistakes. We also have design professionals whom you can discuss with your plans and if necessary, give practical advice to make project even more worthy of your money. We are experts at transforming outdoors into something more spectacular as well as durable and long-lasting.


What we have for you:


Outdoor area construction – If you want to have a deck, patio, pergola, or no-wall picnic area in your front or backyard, we can provide it for you. We create these outdoor areas in all sizes, designs, and materials. Just name what you have in mind, and we will definitely provide.  You may not know it, but we also offer roofing services for all types of construction projects. So if you want to have a roofed-barbeque grill, we can install it for you.


Repair – If your outdoor area has been damaged, just call us and we will fix the problem in no time. From time to time, we experience typhoons, floods, fires, and accidents, and it’s our outdoor area that always receives the first-hand damage.  With this, we provide a wide range of repair and renovation services to bring back the color and life in your front and backyard. We are dedicated to giving you what you expected from us and make sure that you are satisfied and thrilled to see the results of our hard work.


Fencing – We provide all types of fencing materials such as wrought iron, hardwood, and vinyl. We are equipped with the right tools and materials to construct or repair your new fence that can withstand the test of extreme weather conditions as well as add beauty to the overall appearance of your property. We also have premade designs for you to choose from or we can custom design for you. Just let us know of your needs and we will gladly deliver.


Stonework’s – And we don’t stop at providing you with outdoor areas or fences, but we also offer stone masonry construction services and products. If you are planning to renovate your walls or place a stunning landscape, we have the highly skilled professionals to work on them for you.

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