Flooring: Carpet, Wood & Sealants

After a decade or two, your floors could already show signs of fading, wear and tear, and discoloration. Good thing, there is Midwestern Construction to bring back the beauty and luster into your floor, creating a positive atmosphere to your house or commercial space.

FramingFactors that may damage your floor include pets, moisture, heavy equipment, flood, explosions, fire, chemical and mechanical elements. Some of these factors are avoidable, some are not. But ultimately, somehow or other, your floors would be damaged. When this happens, call us so can fix the problem immediately.


What we offer

Midwestern Construction offers complete flooring services that include:


1. Carpet installation. Carpets add a beautiful touch to any room, this is why we are put our best efforts to provide you high-quality carpets that can accentuate your home or business establishment.


From estimating to fitting to installing, we can provide each for you. We have over hundreds of carpet designs for you to choose from. You can pick the right texture, color, material, and style for your area. Our highly trained experts will be at your home to estimate the dimensions of the rooms that need to have carpet on.


2. Sealant. A good and appealing floor is incomplete without a floor sealant. This final coating not only adds value and beauty to your floors, but it also reinforces the protection you put on your flooring. There are several types of sealants that you can use and you can find each at our store in Carrollton, TX. Here we have film-forming sealers, acrylics, penetrating sealers, polyurethanes, epoxies, and so much more.


Call us today if your floorings need sealants and we’ll seal your concretes and hardwoods with no further ado!


3. Hardwood flooring. If you are looking for the best hardwood materials for your floor, Midwestern Construction have them. We offer top-quality hardwood floor for residential and commercial purposes. We also custom wooden floors so you are sure that you have a unique type of flooring all around the globe.


You can talk to our floor specialists and discuss what you have in mind, and we can guarantee to provide it for you. We have a team of high-trained, licensed, and certified professionals to work on your property and give you the highest standard when it comes to flooring services.


Aside from the above mentioned special services, Midwestern Construction also offers the following:


1. Floor installation, sanding, replacement, and repair services
2. Floor refinishing, staining, and lamination
3. Buffing and floor engineering
4. Railing installation
5. Designing
6. Floor estimation


Midwestern Construction does not solely provide flooring services, but also many other residential and commercial construction needs.
For over 50 years, we have been serving the Carrollton, TX area the following services:


1. Roofing
2. Interior remodeling
3. Home additions
4. Demolitions
5. Electrical services
6. Painting and
7. Landscaping


If you are planning to renovate or build your property, call our hotline number today and we’ll discuss what you need.

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