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Putting together pieces of construction materials to give buildings shape and support is called framing. Materials used in framing are wood, fabricated steel, or processed timber. Heavy frame construction is used where vertical supports are few and heavier horizontal beams must be utilized to form the basis of support for walls and studs of the floor. Light frame construction uses lighter material that provides flexibility in enclosing a wide area at minimal cost. We at Midwestern Construction value the importance of strong and true framing to the overall quality of your finished building and we ensure nothing is left to chance in achieving this.



What we have in store for you


There many varieties of light frame construction including balloon, platform, and light- steel framing. More intricate building designs and features such as windows can be made using light framing as it is easier and manageable to handle. It is however limited to a few floors because of the light load small wood posts can carry. Bigger and higher buildings normally use heavy frame construction for necessity and safety.


Modern framing designs have developed a unique concept where the wall and roof are formed as an undistinguishable one unit. It is called A-frame which is a light structure built around steeply sloping walls which also serves as its roof.


Why choose us?


Midwestern Construction has the expertise to ensure that the most appropriate method of building construction and the right materials are used starting from the framing process. Our systematic approach to framing has gained us a reputation parallel to none in our area of operation.


Current framing preference for houses and small apartment buildings leans toward platform framing or stick framing as each element is built stick by stick as differentiated from balloon framing where walls are erected to form the initial frame of the structure and other elements inserted as the work progresses to the succeeding floor.


Over the years framing methods have evolved based on present technology and municipal legislation that ensure workmen safety and the general integrity of the house or building being erected. Materials used have also improved as today increasing use of c-channel in framing has resulted to more accurate layout. C-channels are machine fabricated posts that have taken the place of wood posts. Though normally used only in small houses or structure, it is easy to work with as it is uniform in size coming out of the factory and utterly light weight. It is rigid enough to carry reasonable weight requirement. Installation of walls, door and window outlines using c-channels are easier and faster.


Midwestern Construction is your ticket to superbly designed and robustly engineered housing and commercial structure. We have the knowledge and equipment and the passion to achieve this right from the get go of construction. Visit our website. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process of design and fabrication. All your inquiries and technical questions will be satisfied as we go through your concept and needs. We guarantee full satisfaction of the shelter that you dream to provide your family and your customers. Call us to set an appointment. We will give you accurate proposal based on your home or commercial specifications.

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