GAF Certified Contractor in Plano, TX

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Contractor Versus DIY


GAF Certified Contractor in Plano, TX

The roof is one of the most important structures as far as the protection of your home is concerned. It protects from the harsh elements of the weather such as wind, rain, and snow. A well maintained roof will give you a stress free existence without the hassles of a leaking roof or costly repairs.


There are roof repairs that can be done by homeowners at home. But before you embark on removing the shingles or repairing the flashing, you need to consider the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a GAF certified contractor in Plano, TX.


Experience and Expertise


A certified roofer undergoes years of training to learn all about roofing. Their knowledge of roofing is boosted by years working with contractors to either install or repair roofs. A professional is also required to undergo continuous training to ensure that they are conversant with the latest techniques and best practices of roof repair.


Shingles and tiles can be repaired at home especially if the homeowner has the knowhow. However, some tasks can either be complex to accomplish, or require techniques that are not widely known. As a homeowner, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to use your home as an experiment.




Another factor to consider is time. Do you have the time to get on the roof examine the tiles and repair accordingly? Most homeowners have other day-to-day responsibilities they must attend to. Fixing the roof on your own instead of calling a GAF certified contractor in Plano, TX may not be worth it. You may even have to spend more time correcting your own mistakes.


Additionally, if you do not have the expertise and knowhow, the task of fixing problems on your roof may take hours as you try to figure out how to fix the problem on your roof. Remember that the longer a roof leak goes without repair, the more damage it will do to the underlying structure of the roof. The speed and timeliness of a certified roofer is crucial in avoiding damages that may cost you in terms of future repairs.




Falling from the roof is a real risk that should not be underestimated. Every year thousands of people fall from the roof and this leads to injuries and in extreme cases, death. The risks are higher on roofs with a steep slope. Even a fall from the height of a one storey building can cause serious injuries for the homeowner as well as those who happen to be in the vicinity of the property. Furthermore, an accident can damage other parts of the roof.


A GAF certified contractor in Plano, TX is the best option if you want to avoid falling hazards. They are trained to understand the dangers on the roof and how to avoid them during repairs. A certified contractor also has equipment such as harnesses which can minimize the danger in case he slips and falls from the roof. A certified contractor gives you value for money while keeping you and your home safe.

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