GAF Lifetime Warranty vs. GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

GAF Lifetime Warranty vs. GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

Roofing involves big investments on the part of homeowners. These sections of homes can suffer damage due to natural disasters, the use of poor quality materials, or human errors during construction. The cost of new roofing materials and the accompanying labor costs can be a major headache for you as the property owner.

Warranties are some of the important safety measures to seek if you would not like to deal with such issues in the future. The mistake many home owners make is failing to read the fine print in their roofing warranties. It is important to find out what your guarantee covers so that you do not experience inconveniences when presenting claims that pertain to it.
GAF Lifetime Warrantee Vs. GAF Golden Pledge Warrantee

GAF is one of the best roofing and ventilation manufacturers in the USA. They offer several warranty options on their roofs, and knowing which one to go with can prevent losses in future. The best GAF warranty is the GAF golden pledge warranty. More recently, GAF has introduced the Lifetime warranty. So which one should you go with? This article compares the GAF Lifetime Warranty vs. GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.

GAF Lifetime Warranty

the GAF Lifetime warranty is applicable to single family homes. That means institutions and buildings such as offices cannot qualify for it. Homeowners who install any GAF lifetime shingle and at least three qualifying GAF accessories automatically get the GAF lifetime warranty. The roof and accessories will be covered by this guarantee for as long as the first and second owners reside in the house. If the second owner chooses to sell the property, the warranty is nullified automatically.

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty is more comprehensive that its Lifetime alternative. The reason is that it covers both the roofing material and all errors that may have been caused by poor workmanship. Besides, it will cover you even if the contractor goes out of business. This warranty is only available from the top roofing contractors in the country. These are called the MasterElite contractors and are GAF factory-certified.

For a period of 50 years, this warranty will replace your roof regardless of the situation. Even in cases of natural disasters, it will cater to all your replacement costs. Again, the guarantee will only be valid for the first two owners of the property.

In the case of workmanship errors, the warranty will cover you for 25 years. If you need to replace your roof in the first 25 years, the warranty will also cater for the cost of labor.


installing a roof costs a lot of money, and doing it twice can be a great setback. Instead of taking the risk, you should consider getting a warranty on your roof. Ideally, it should cover the roofing material and the contractor’s workmanship. GAF is a reputable roofing company that offers several guarantees. If you have to choose between GAF Lifetime warrantees Vs. GAF Golden Pledge warrantee, it would be most prudent to go for the latter. The Golden Pledge warranty is the best option you can ever find when it comes to roofing. It will cover the roofing materials, contractor’s workmanship, and labor costs.

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