Quality Granite and Marble Materials in Plano, TX

We, at Midwestern Construction, have earned more than 50 years of experience in the construction business. We have also developed an unequal passion to providing and installing high-quality materials such as granite and marble to residential homes and commercial establishments.

We are one of the leaders in the industry because we aim for excellence and perfection every time. Our team of specialist cares most about your satisfaction and pleasure, which is why they make it a point to always provide high-quality and exceptional service!


Granite Construction Products

Our Granite/ Marble Services

Granite and marble are natural stones that earn a good reputation in the construction and building industries because they are safe, earth-friendly, cost-effective, remarkably durable, versatile, and elegant, to name a few.

Considering its immense popularity and because we have proven time and again the usefulness of using these materials, our company provide various granite and marble services to meet your residential and commercial needs.



Granite and marble are materials that are popular in home building, particularly when constructing the kitchen and bathroom. The fact that these materials can withstand wear and tear, extreme water exposure (without developing molds and mildew), as well as provide a classic look make them very suitable for kitchen and bathroom use. Not to mention that homeowners also rely heavily on granite and marble because of their durability, strength, and unique appearance, among many others.


While granite and marble are commonly used in residential projects, they require technical skills to prepare and install. This is the reason why you should rely on our professional contractors to carry out the work for you. We have the know-how, the experience, and the state-of-the-art tools and equipment to install various granite/ marble products in your home perfectly.


Our company offers installation services of the following products:

• Granite/ Marble countertops
• Granite/ Marble kitchen countertops
• Granite/ Marble vanity tops
• Granite/ Marble bathroom flooring and fixtures
• Granite/ Marble kitchen flooring and fixtures
• Granite/ Marble fireplaces



Our company is dedicated to ensuring that all your granite/marble projects that you have entrusted us will not only be of outstanding quality but of great use to your business as well. We make sure to provide you with a wide array of choices and solutions to ensure that our finish work would bring you maximum enjoyment.


Not all businesses are created equal, which is why we make sure that we can offer you granite/marble solutions and products that will best address your commercial requirements.


Our company provides fabrication and installation services of the following products:

• Granite/ Marble countertops
• Granite/ Marble lavatories with integrated sinks
• Granite/ Marble floorings
• Other commercial products as needed


Our top clients include companies and organizations from the following businesses:

• Hotels
• Motels
• Resorts
• Restaurants
• Commercial buildings
• Malls
• Stores
• Manufacturing facilities


If you want to experience the many benefits of using granite/marble material in your home or businesses, make sure to rely on us at Midwestern Construction. Our team of granite and marble specialists will assist you from the selection up to the installation process so you can be assured of high-quality results.

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