How Should You Deal with Roofing Companies in Plano, TX

Importance of Written Proposals when Dealing with Roofing Companies in Plano, TX

It is always advisable to request and carefully examine roofing proposals in order to make an informed decision when dealing with roofing companies Plano, TX. Roofing proposals vary from one company to the other but it contains details of what the contractor will do once hired for the project.

It is important to understand the difference between an estimate and a proposal. An estimate describes the product and the overall price, while a proposal is a breakdown of the project and all the important details. A proposal may include details of the product’s brand name, financing options, designs and services the roofing company has to offer.
How Should You Deal with Roofing Companies in Plano, TX

Dealing with Disputes

A roofing project can be simple and straightforward, or extensive and complex. Whatever the case may be, it is important to ask the roofer for a copy of the contract so that you examine the contents carefully.

Most disagreements happen as a result of misunderstandings. Looking at the proposal allows you to raise any issues and seek clarifications before the project commences. It is also useful for dispute resolution, since it serves as a reference when comparing what the roofing contractor did versus what you agreed on.

Timeline of the Project

When you are working on a project with roofing companies Plano, TX, it can be difficult to determine when the project is going to be complete. The ideal situation for any homeowner is to have the work done in a fairly short time because their presence on your property can be disruptive.

A roofing proposal allows homeowners to come up with a timeline when the project should be completed. While such a project can be difficult to schedule, it is possible to set a timeframe and a ‘not later than date’.

Right to Rescind

The contract may include a ‘right to rescind’ clause. This clause states that you can cancel a contract within a specified period of time in case you are not satisfied with your contractor’s work. Some states require service providers to include it in their clause. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Texas.

Having a proposal from roofing companies Plano, TX, allows you to check if your service provider has included the clause. The clause can be useful in situations where you can clearly see that the contractor’s work is not at par with your expectations in terms of quality and their working pace.

Product Choices, Design and Warranty

Another thing that should be in the proposal is product description, design specifications and warranty. Product choices and design specifications give you the opportunity to compare in detail what your contractor is offering compared to the other competing companies.

The proposal should also include details about the manufacturer warranty. It is important for the roofing company to comply with the manufacturer specifications. The information can be extensive and may include specifications on ventilation requirements and ice dam protections. These details can be useful in the event that there is a dispute or you need to claim your warranty.

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