Insurance Claim Specialist in Plano, TX

Important Tips for Filing insurance Claims for Roof Damage

Roofs replacement is a project that can run into thousands of dollars. Even minor repairs can be quite significant. Filling insurance claims requires contacting adjusters and contractors. The process of following up claims can be time consuming and mentally taxing. You may want to consider using the services of an insurance claim specialist in Plano, TX.

Insurance Claim Specialist in Plano, TX

Reporting the Damage

If you suspect that your roof is damaged after a storm, or for any other reason, contact your roofing contractor as soon as possible. Even when the naked eye cannot see the damage, it is best not to take chances if you feel that the roof has been damaged.

You also need to keep in mind, that some insurance policies have a time limit when you can report damage before filing a claim. If you take too long, the cover may not be applicable to you. The more reason you should get a qualified roofer to examine it, immediately after a storm.


A roofing contractor has the experience that enables him to pin-point areas of the roof that have been damaged. It is important that the damaged area is well documented. This will involve taking images that show the damage and any other faults that may have developed on the roof’s structure.

There are damages that will be covered by the insurance company. However, there are also minor damages that may not be covered by the policy. This may require you to find a roofing contractor to fix these issues.

Since documentation is an important part of your insurance claim, it is important to document any changes that take place on your roof. This way, you can provide before and after photos alongside other documentation materials. The insurance adjuster will have a clearer picture of the damage when he comes to inspect the roof after you file the claim.

Understand Homeowner’s Insurance

Before making claims, find out what your home insurance covers. Some policies will cover certain types of damage. Other policies will first consider the depreciating value of the roof and will only cover part of the cost. This can be disappointing for a homeowner who is planning to replace the entire roof, but can only get compensation for part of it. These details should be in your insurance policy’s statute of limitations.

Roofing Contractor

The final step is to find a contractor that will repair the damaged roof. Most of the time, you will have the freedom to choose a contractor that you want to work with. Ensure you pick the right company to avoid making mistakes that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to correct.

Most importantly it is important to work with an insurance company that is conversant with insurance claims. You may want to pick a company that has an insurance claims specialist in Plano, TX, who will help you navigate the complex task of getting compensation from insurance companies These specialists are very useful in ensuring that you get what you deserve in terms of roof damage compensation.

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