How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your Insurance Adjuster

How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your Insurance Adjuster

How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your Insurance Adjuster

If you have had an accident or filed a claim recently due to damages to your property or home, one of the first things that you will need to do is file a claim with your insurance company.   After you have filed a claim, you will normally have an insurance adjuster assigned that will meet with you.


Review the facts:

Adjusters are the people that determine who will pay for an accident or a covered item that is lost, stolen, or damaged and. They also figure out how much you will be paid by the insurance company. So when you plan? to talk with an adjuster about a claim that you have, it is a very good idea to review what you know about your claim using your notes and evidence. Like a juror working on their testimony, you should have answers for questions that you expect them to ask.

One common question that will get asked if you had an accident is ‘How did it happen?” An innocuous question that can become difficult in a hurry if you do not have command of the facts.


Prepare your evidence:

If you have roof damage that you believe is covered by your policy or your neighbor’s policy, it is as good idea to take pictures and have qualified local contractors come out and give you estimates for repair work. You can then show your new data to your adjuster and explain any discrepancies. In many cases, you can wait on the costs because the adjuster may arrange to get estimates themselves. They will then give you an idea of how much money you will receive.

Of course, if the insurance company isn’t certain whether or not your claim is covered,. It might be a good idea to do as much detective work as you need to in order to prove that your claim meets their coverage guidelines.


Work on being patient:

If you had a medical injury as part of your claim, you can throw conventional advice out the window. It will normally take you much longer to settle because injuries are a more complex problem to have.

Therefore getting second opinions and not accepting your adjuster’s offers if they are not reasonable are part of the process

Meeting with your adjuster is normally a straightforward affair. They will probably be a pretty friendly face during a difficult time. By staying patient and honest, and having all the data that you need prepared beforehand , you should make a great impression.

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