Qualified Gutter Contractor in Plano, TX

Why You Need to Have Gutters Maintained Regularly and Repaired on Time


When dealing with roofing problems, often homeowners forget to consider the condition of the gutters. Gutters play an important role in protecting your home from rainwater and other harsh elements of the weather. Often people remember gutters when something goes wrong and they need the services of a gutter contractor in Plano, TX.
Qualified Gutter Contractor in Plano, TX

Causes of Gutter Damage


The main cause of broken or damaged gutters is debris. The debris may include leaves from trees, mud, dead birds, and moss. The gutter becomes clogged and cannot quickly and effectively get rid of the water from the roofs to the drainage where it ought to go.


When the gutter is clogged, it needs to be cleared as soon as possible. Keeping the gutter clean is the best way to maintain it and avoid costly repair in the future. The clogging inside the pipes can cause it to break and leak water out. There are other important reasons for clearing a blocked gutter.


Upholding the Building’s Structural integrity


Both the roof and the gutter work together to drain water from the roof after it has rained or snowed. If the gutter is not safely draining the water, it could cause underlying structural problems. The water can cause wood to rust and mold to develop thereby weakening it.


Additionally, a clogged drain can weaken the structural integrity of your basement, walkways, and foundations. When water runs off it can flood other areas of your home including your patio and driveway. The expense of repairing these structural issues can run into thousands of dollars, thereby underscoring the importance of cleaning and unclogging the drainage.


Insects and Pests


Another thing that homeowners need to pay attention to is pests and insects. If the drain remains unclogged with debris including leaves and dead birds, it will in no time attract insects such as termites and bees.


Statistics show that termites cause $5 billion in damages and affect 600,000 homes every year. The cost of repairing the damage caused by termites can run into thousands of dollars. Bees can also be attracted by a clogged drain and may build a hive. Removing bees may require the homeowners to spend money on pest control as well as the damage the bees may have caused on the property.


Some areas are prone to rodent infestation. A blocked drain containing rotting debris of dead leaves and animals is likely to attract rodents that may be in the vicinity of your property. Rodents can also cause a lot of damage to property and structures.


Beauty and Safety


Maintaining the gutter also keeps your home beautiful and safe. Water running down your walkways and driveway is an eyesore. Additionally, there is a risk of a fall hazard that could cause injuries to you or people walking on your premises.


Cleaning your gutters regularly is important if you want to eliminate these issues that can be both dangerous and costly. In case you identify a problem, get a qualified gutter contractor in Plano, TX to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid the problems mentioned above.

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