Accredited Custom Deck and Patio Builder in Plano, TX

Custom Deck and Patio

The beauty of owning a custom deck and patio is that you get to extend your home living and entertainment spaces, which in turn increases the value of your home. If you are considering adding either a custom deck or patio, then Midwestern Construction is the right stop for you. Depending on the needs you have for your home and yard, our team can help you decide on whether a patio or a custom deck is best suited for you. There are a good number of reasons why you should let us build you a custom deck or a patio.




We believe that your backyard should be a relaxing hub after a long day’s work or when you just want to chill out and entertain a few of your friends since it can feel like an extension to your home. A custom deck or a patio can change the entire appearance and feel of your backyard making people turn green with envy or desire to sit around that space. Our Midwestern Construction team has the experience and skill to create your ideal custom deck or patio from repairing to complete new installation regardless of the size of the job.




We are an experienced general contractor company with highly skilled and qualified people for your home improvement and construction project. We have over 50 years of experience. We are the premier choice for affordable, durable and quality products for homeowners who are looking to remodel their homes. Regardless of your backyard’s landscape, Midwestern Construction can make your patio or custom deck dreams come true. We not only take time to listen to your plans and ideas, but we also offer our expert opinion and advice to make sure you make the right decisions.


Value added


If you let us construct your patio or custom deck you’re not only accepting the best services available but we also increase the value to your home. Midwestern Construction has excellent reputation when it comes to experience, skill, courtesy, honesty and reliability. We are the right company to call in time of remodeling or rebuilding your home.




Our team of expert patio and custom deck builders are very talented and dedicated to achieving their main goal, which is to surpass the client’s expectation on the idea or plan they had on mind. We do extensive research on new remodeling ideas and techniques, then try to incorporate them in our work, which helps us create something new every day. We can customize our designs to fit the clients’ wishes and ensure that the outcome will be something appreciated in the end.


At Midwestern Construction, we understand that your home is a major investment and that’s why we strive to give the beat services to increase its value. That said, a custom deck or patio is the perfect option to not only attain a versatile outdoor space, but also create functionality of space. Contact us today for your patio or custom deck installation!


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