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A proper fence is not only used to beautify the exterior of your property, but also keep you safe from harm and protect you from unseen dangers such as burglars, wondering pests, and animals. It will help prevent unwanted attention. At Midwestern Construction, we offer our customers a chance to experience what professional fencing services feel like because we understand what a professionally installed fence means to a homeowner. Once you have decided to begin your fencing project, Midwestern Construction can help finish the job based on the type of fencing you require. Below are some of the fencing types we can deal with.


Wrought iron fencing


This is a strong and beautiful type of fence that requires constant upkeep. At Midwestern Construction, we have creative designs of wrought iron fence. Once we have installed the fence, you must maintain it by constantly repainting and sanding after a period of two to three years.  While this kind of fence is quite expensive, it also adds a touch of class to your homestead.


Wood fencing


Wood is highly popular as it gives the sense of nature. A wood fence adds security to your home and there are different options on the market. As a homeowner, wood fence gives you peace of mind knowing that you are safe. It is also pocket friendly. Midwestern Construction offers a broad spectrum of quality wood fences to ensure you have a long-lasting fence structure.


Vinyl fencing


It is one of the elite types of fencing as compared to others. From our experience, we believe that vinyl fences are five times stronger and four times flexible as compared to wood fences. Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and paint resistant making it easy to clean off any unwanted stains. And due to its low cost of maintenance and a long-life span, vinyl fence is much cheaper than other types of fencing. We, at Midwestern Construction, are well equipped to install such kind of fence.


PVC fencing


Using PVC fence is one cheap way of securing your home. We can use PVC instead of stakes and picket, which also serve the same purpose. The PVC sleeves are added onto the wooden posts to give the fence stability while also lowering the cost of materials by using less wood. PVC stakes are attached using adhesives or screws. They come in different colors and heights, and due to this, they are long lasting against the damaging elements.


Bamboo fencing


Just like hardwood flooring, bamboo is also becoming highly popular among homeowners. It can also be grown naturally much to our green clients’ content and is one of the most eco-friendly and beautiful options in the market. Rolled bamboo as well as bamboo cane make use of poles linked together thus giving the structure a stronger look. Live bamboo can grow up to about a foot a year.


When installing a fence, the main purpose is security and privacy, however, you should be creative and play with your options. At Midwestern Construction, we can help you install a fence that is well suited for you; a fence that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

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