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Roof Repair and ConstructionBuilding a home can be a complex process from the design work, survey and inspection, paperwork, through the actual construction. However, with the right general contractor, it can be a simple process. Midwestern Construction has a dedicated team to help you through the process of building a home. We do building and construction projects from scratch, but we can also handle rebuilds, remodeling, and renovations. We also offer roofing, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home additions, custom deck and patio, outdoor living design and construction, fencing and pool construction.


Roof repair and construction

A roof offers a line of defense to the family, the home structure, and the contents therein. A durable roof is determined by the level of craftsmanship, quality of materials, and the design practices. At Midwestern Construction, we use the best materials, and a high level of building standards to ensure you get value for your home. Our roofing materials are sourced from top brands for enhanced durability, longevity, and functionality.


Bathroom and kitchen remodeling

Whether you want to upgrade your existing kitchen and bathroom space or you simply want to spruce up the look and appearance of these home spaces, we can handle the project. Many homeowners are realizing that outdated kitchens and bathroom spaces are a hassle. With limited space, homeowners want to make sure they have a functional, elegant, and stylish bathroom or kitchen space that creates happiness to the family and increases the value of the home. We understand the ergonomics, designs practices, and the materials to use to transform the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom spaces.


Home additions

With time, you may find that the family has enlarged. Home additions are intended to create more livable and usable space for the family. However, home additions can be a tricky business. If you don’t do them properly, you may encounter a lot of structural problems. We take every home addition project serious and ensure that we match the new construction to the existing building.


Outdoor LivingOutdoor living

As families seek for outdoor experiences in their homes, they are building structures to allow them prepare food, relax, or even host events by the outside of their building. Outdoor kitchens are becoming fashionable in every home. The outdoor living space complements the indoor space and families can use the space outside their house to host their activities. We have the team to design and build outdoor living structures that will add value and aesthetic beauty to your home including patios, deck, and outdoor kitchens.



A fence is not just meant to secure a home, it is an element of landscaping too. Having the right fence installed around your home can reduce your homeowner’s insurance payments. It secures your assets and adds economic value to the home. We can design and install a fence structure that will properly secure the home and help protect the family.


Midwestern Construction is here to help you achieve your dream of building a home or making an addition. We handle every other construction and building project you may have at home including pool repair and construction. Call us today and we will deliver to your expectations. Our team will closely work with designers and engineers to renovate your home, rebuild it, or build that swimming pool you so desire to have.

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