Best Home Additions Contractor in Plano, TX

Home Additions Contractor Plano TXIf you find yourself needing more space in your home and you are in a quagmire between buying a new home or creating more space, then a home addition may be an economical option for you. At Midwestern Construction, we recommend a home addition because it offers more flexibility in terms of design and function. If you have already considered home addition, then we are the best choice to see that your project is done to completion. We have different types of home addition plans that aim to give you the right amount of space you desire.


The bump out addition


It does not necessarily mean creating a separate room, but instead it allows you to expand an already existing room such as increasing the size of the kitchen or bathroom. At Midwestern Construction, we can build and construct an additional roof while piers or posts are supporting it instead of a complete foundation. It is fairly expensive in terms of cost, but can be a long-term investment in the long run.


Sun room addition


This is a great way to create additional living space on a limited budget. Costs can also be reduced if the roof is designed to last for at least three seasons. At Midwestern Construction, we aim at equipping you with all available options so that you make an informed decision on what works for you. We also make pre-manufactured sun room additions that are cost friendly and economical to install.


Convertory addition


This is a type of addition is meant for plants and flowers than for people. It contains a lot of glass and can be constructed for a three to four seasons’ period. Convertory additions are more expensive as compared to sun room additions.


Garage conversion


We offer this type of addition by converting an already existing garage into a living space. It is less expensive than building a room addition, as it already has a roof and walls. In addition to that, the electrical work is already roughed in and the walls are pretty dry for more electrical installation.


Outdoor LivingHome addition or traditional room


This kind of work involves the addition of one or more rooms that are fitted onto one side or more sides of an already existing house. Constructing a home addition involves building a structure from the ground up and attaching it to a building. The scope of work involves an architect and a general contractor who are required to design and manage the construction. We come in handy where home additions are concerned.


At Midwestern Construction, we make the home addition work as less stressful as possible and allows you to make the transition very smoothly. Midwestern Construction strives to ensure we effectively meet all your needs and requirements and can accommodate your home improvement and building ideas. Let us handle your home addition project and you will save money while at the same transforming the look of the home.

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