Roof Inspection Expert in Collin County

How and When to Do Roof Inspection in Collin County

The principle behind roof inspections is that prevention is better than cure. The roof is the most exposed part of your house to the elements of the weather. Storms, rain, snow, animals, and insects are just some of the things that can compromise the structure of your home.

It is crucial to have the roof repaired as soon as the damage has been identified. Leaving a damaged roof exposed to the harsh elements of the weather will lead to other issues which will be costly and time consuming to repair. Looking at it this way, we could say roof inspection in Collin County is a cost saving initiative.
Roof Inspection Expert in Collin County

Type of Roofs

A flat roof is more susceptible to issues such as leaks. Flat roofs have a low slope so the drainage of water is not always as effective as a steep roof. Accumulation of water on the roof can also weigh down the underlying structure and over time it may be compromised.

The material of the roof may determine how often you may need to have it inspected. Asphalt shingles are the traditional roofing materials in the United States and have a lifespan of about 20 years. They need to be checked when there is evidence of breaking, curling or missing tiles.

Also if moss has developed on the roof, you need to have it checked to determine the extent of the damage. Other types of roofs such as those made from rock are expensive to install but require very little maintenance due to their structural strength and longevity.

Immediate Environment

Certain factors in the immediate environment will demand that you do more frequent roof inspection in Collin county. An area with lots of trees will inevitably have debris in the form of leaves and branches finding their way onto your roof. This debris needs to be cleaned to avoid clogging the gutters which can flood areas of your home and parts of your roof. If you live in a wooded area make a point of having the roof and gutter inspected regularly by a qualified professional.

Cedar roofs are susceptible to damage from ultra violet rays. UV rays weaken its internal structure overtime. In places that experience direct sunlight throughout the year it is a good idea to have the roof inspected for any signs of damage.

Storm Damage

Storms can cause a lot of damage on your roof. Hail storms and winds exceeding 50mph can have a devastating effect on the structure. Immediately after a storm, make a point of contacting an expert who is experienced in roof inspection in Collin county.

Age of the Roof

The age of the roof will also determine the frequency of roof inspection. Most of the roofs used in residential homes are designed to last two to three decades. If your roof is a few years to the end of its lifespan you need to have it checked regularly. Roofs with more than one layer need to be checked more frequently as they come close to the end of their lifespan.

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