Roof Restoration Contractor in Plano, TX

3 Reasons Why You May Want to Reinstall Your Roof from Scratch

A roof can be expected to last between 15 and 30 years. Even with regular maintenance a roof can still get damaged during its lifetime due to storms or harsh weather. There are situations that may call for a roof restoration contractor in Plano, TX.
Roof Restoration Contractor in Plano, TX


The age of the roof is one factor you need to consider when it comes to roof restoration. Most roofs are designed to last two or three decades depending on the material. If your roof is about 20 years old and is prone to faults such as leaks, that is a good sign that you need to consider having it replaced.

It also depends on whether the roof has one or multiple layers. Roofs with multiple layers add more weight and are often not very well ventilated. The roof’s lifespan is reduced significantly. It is also difficult to find a leak on a multiple layered roof. If you have more than one layer of shingles and the roof has lasted more than two decades, you may have to replace it sooner rather than later.

Warning Signs

Roofs may have to be replaced long before their intended time. This may be due to poor installation or storms that have wrecked havoc on the roof for years. Luckily, there are signs that will tell you whether it needs to be replaced.


  • Shingles: If the shingles are curled, cracked, or buckling then you may have to put up a new roof. You can examine the shingles on your roof under direct sunlight which makes it possible to see signs of buckling or cracking.
  • Valleys: The valleys on your roof direct water to the gutters. This is a critical area where many faults take place. If there is a considerable number of shingles missing in this area, that is a definite sign that you need to reinstall it all together.
  • Worn out Deck: You may notice that your roof has a spongy feel when you walk on it. You may also notice that light is going through the boards if you examine it from the attic. The underlying deck may have been ruined by moisture and this means the damage is quite extensive.
  • Moss: Extensive growth of moss can damage the roof shingles. Moss is common in cold climates that don’t get enough sunlight throughout the year. The damage is not just aesthetic, it can damage the granules on the shingles.

Energy Saving

You may want to contact a roof restoration contractor in Plano, TX, to replace the roof for energy saving reasons. The material of the roof affects the amount of energy your home consumes. Metal roofs are known for their ability to reflect heat therefore keeping your home cool. You can also take advantage of tax credits which are given as incentive to homeowners who want to improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Not all roof’s with faults need to be replaced. It is therefore advisable to consult a roof restoration contractor in Plano, TX, before having a new one installed.

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