Financing Options Through Your Roofing Company

Do roofing companies finance?

Fixing the roof is inevitable for many homeowners. A new one is needed to repair cracks and fix serious leaks after a major storm. Roofing repairs and renovations can be just as expensive as brand-new installations. One of the questions to ask yourself is “Do roofing companies finance?” Find a variety of financing options provided by select roofing companies.

GuttersWhen people think of roofers, they think that they only handle repairs and installations and do not have the authority to provide loans. From working with hundreds of cash-strapped clients, these professionals know the difficulty of finding money to repair roofs. Many of them have created systems that work for every budget and project.

There are several advantages to using a roofing company for your financing:

  • Free consultations
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Financing options with reputable banks
  • Same day credit approvals
  • Low interest rates

Discuss your options with the company before filling out an application and making commitments. Use their free estimates to see if you even qualify for their loans.

You need many different options for roofing repairs. You cannot rely on the insurance company to cover all of the costs. After a natural disaster, you cannot always wait a few months and pay out of pocket for a roof that leaks inside of your home. A home equity loan is not useful if the property value is low. Borrowing money from a payday lender or credit card company includes high interest rates, as high as 25%, that could put you into severe debt if you can’t pay.

Know the right companies to look for after you know the answer to “do roofing companies finance?” If you plan to borrow a loan, review the interest rate, the length of the repayment plan, minimum monthly costs and other terms.

In the middle of a natural disaster, the roof could blow off and leave severe damages to the ceiling and floors. Later, you discover that the homeowner’s insurance does not provide enough coverage. In another situation, you have a few shingles missing on the roof, which makes the exterior look shoddy and unkempt. Even with a carefully planned budget, you could find a shortage of money to fix the roof. In any case, find a team of roofing specialists to explain each of your financing options. Regardless of budget, discuss the options with a representative who cares about the integrity of your roof and home.

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