How to Hire a Roofing Contractor for Hail Damage Repairs

Important Tips to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

A few minutes of hail storms can leave behind a lot of damage. Your roofing material can be torn up demanding repairs that cost thousands of dollars. If you ever had a damaged roof, you know how devastating it is to fix it. This is because most victims react in distress and choose the wrong contractor who ends up doing shoddy work. Below are essential tips on how to hire a roofing contractor for hail damage repairs.

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor for Hail Damage Repairs

Most homeowners make mistakes when hiring roofing contractors for hail damage repair. A single mistake in hiring is not only depressing but also costly.

  1. Avoid Scammers

Licensed RooferWhen hails hits town, there is always an influx of scammers. These unsolicited salespeople might be legit but inexperienced in handling storm damaged roofs. Remember, this category of people will be nowhere to be found five years later. A reputable contractor should give you the following; avoid any who cannot:

  • Provide a permanent business address, tax identification number, license number and phone. Check the license number with city’s building department.
  • Provide insurance compensation certificates. Ensure the insurance cover is current.
  • Provide a proof of membership in the National Roofing Contractors Association.
  • Provide a proof of registration with the Secretary of your State.
  • Give you a list of references.
  1. Shortlist and Compare Roof Repair Estimates

This step is imperative and determines the durability and quality of your new roof. It is, therefore, important to be watchful.

  • Select at least three companies, which meet the necessary requirements as detailed above.
  • Allow them to do an inspection and provide you with a cost estimate proposal.
  • Make the comparison and pick the preferred candidate. Affordability should not be the guiding element at this level, go for quality and durability. Contacting some of the company’s references is highly advisable at this level.
  • Pick the best candidate and ask them to prepare a contract.
  • Ensure that the preferred roofing contractor coordinates with your insurer.
  1. Scrutinize the Roof Repair Contract

After receiving the contract, take your time to review it before signing. Consulting your insurer or your lawyer is advisable. Before signing ensure that it has details about company’s name, tax Identification, address, and license details. The contract should also have the following:

  • Description of the work to be done. This should include the scope of work and how disposal of damaged materials will be done.
  • Describe the types of material to be used including color and manufacturer’s name.
  • Details on who is responsible for covering damages done during the repair.
  • An estimated time schedule.
  • Payment schedule. Ensure that the first deposit is due on the arrival of materials.
  1. Monitor the Progress

Ensure that the work starts on the specified time and materials are used as agreed. Before signing the completion certificate, ensure that all work has been done as agreed.

Now you understand basics on how to hire roofing contractors for hail damage repair. Don’t fall a victim of scammers.

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