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The roof of a house or building which covers its top most portion serves to protect the structure and its inhabitants from the elements and possible intrusion of animals. A roof cannot be assembled and carry its own weight without the support of the framing attached to the walls or columns of the building. If you are confronted with these challenges, Midwestern Construction has 50 years of roofing experience to back up their claim to be the best in the business.


Affordable ContractorsMaterials used in the roof construction vary from country to country and region to region but the bottom line consideration is availability or ease of transport, cost and aesthetic effect. Some common roofing materials used locally are coal tar pitch, asphalt, Teflon fabric, EPDM rubber, Hypalon, PVC, polyurethane foam, slate, TPO, and wood shakes and shingles. In some countries light indigenous materials such as straw or sea grass are the preferred shelter cover while ceramic tiles dominate the roofing landscape of others.


Most roof designs require a certain slope or angle, commonly known as pitch for pleasing the viewer’s taste and practical reasons. The pitch of the roof not only makes the building look good it also allows water and snow to easily flow or fall to the ground preventing the material from being waterlogged thereby prolonging its service life. In areas where there is little rain or no snow, low angled roofs are utilized with adequate drainpipes to drain off water. Some buildings have concrete rooftops that need to be slightly sloped and provided with drain holes to prevent water from pooling and possibly penetrating the mortar aggregates. Local tradition and legislation dictate the roofing design features.

The method of support and specification of the bridge are determined by the materials used. Timber is the most common bridge because of its flexibility, naturally straight configuration and relative durability. Iron beams found its heyday during the Industrial Revolution.  Stone lentils have also been used but cannot span long distances while stone arches have been a fixture in ancient Roman buildings since the dawn of their civilization.


The ability of roof designs and materials to withstand the elements plays an important consideration in their choice. This is because roofs are part of the building which is hard to access and therefore needs special tools and equipment to repair and rehabilitate. Specialist technicians use extra-long ladders or hydraulic buckets in servicing existing roofs or constructing new ones.

This is where we, at Midwestern Construction, can give you the peace of mind you deserved. We will offer you expert technical advice on the durability per type of materials to use at the most affordable price for all your roofing needs. As far as workmanship goes, we could not have lasted for more than 50 years if we can’t provide unmatchable quality of work. Our engineers and carpenters are fully equipped to deal with any roofing challenges and we are only a phone call away. Visit our website. Give us a chance to show you what quality roofing work is all about.

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